Yoga…My Zen


In this fast past world we live in, we need to take the time and slooowww down…We try to do so much, our minds become overwhelmed and have a hard time stopping, effecting our sleep and in time our health.  There is overwhelming evidence that demonstrates the effectiveness of yoga and meditation.

“Recent studies in people with chronic low-back pain suggest that a carefully adapted set of yoga poses may help reduce pain and improve function (the ability to walk and move). Studies also suggest that practicing yoga (as well as other forms of regular exercise) might have other health benefits such as reducing heart rate and blood pressure, and may also help relieve anxiety and depression.

I have practiced yoga for several years but I have really noticed its effects of dealing with stress and anxiety during the past couple of months.  I had some recent life changes such as, becoming a stay at home mom and no longer having control over my household income.  Pretty stressful, when you have worked your whole life and have always been financially independent.   The stress was causing severe neck pain ( a common place where we carry stress) and I was having headaches almost daily.  I literally felt the pain disappear after one yoga session.  I have tried hot yoga before; I liked it because it allowed me to get a deeper stretch, however I’m not a fan of being that sweaty and having to lay in my own sweat…yuck!.  I have found a yoga series a really like through Amazon Prime Video. I also have a Rodney Yee-Am/PM yoga DVD.  There a literally thousands of free videos and apps out there for you to choose from, along with ones for purchase.  So you have no excuse, not to free your mind and start meditating, even if only for 5 minutes a day.


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