So…What do Dietitians eat?

It seems like clock work, every time I tell someone I am a Registered Dietitian, they ask, “So I bet you eat like really healthy huh”.  And my answer is, well most of the time but not always.  Most dietitians you meet are not perfect eaters.  We truly believe in everything in moderation.  I believe in intuitive eating, meaning eating what your body is telling you it needs, also when its hungry, not letting the clock tell you when its time to eat.  I also try to be a mindful eater, turning off all distractions, such as the TV, computer and putting away the cell phone.  We need to smell and taste our food slowly while enjoying every flavor.  When we do this, we are more in tune with our bodies, telling us when we have had enough.  We tend to be such in a rush to do everything, we scarf down our food, not giving it a chance to start digesting and tend to over eat because of it.

I am not a perfect eater but I aim to eat well at least 85% of the time.  I do not keep junk food in my house, such as chips, ice cream or sweets (exception being my husband’s chocolate).  I save those items if I am eating out, so that I have to go out and get them while not being easily accessed.  I choose to eat more vegetarian, my body likes it better that way.  The human body functions better with whole foods and a plant based diet.  This is easier to do than most people think it is, we just need a little guidance to get there sometimes.


This is one of my weekly dishes:  its low calorie,  fast, easy and delicious!  The recipe calls for 1 can of diced tomatoes, olive oil, crushed red pepper/salt, fresh minced garlic cloves, white wine and long pasta.  Directions:  On medium heat: 1 tbsp of olive oil with diced tomatoes.  Sauté until tomatoes start to crush, season with crushed red pepper and salt (to taste).  Add in minced garlic, sauté, stirring frequently, not to let the garlic brown (that will cause an unwanted nutty flavor).  Add in about 2oz of white wine, let it cook out while stirring frequently.  Add in cooked pasta of your choice, I prefer linguine or thin spaghetti with this dish, stir and serve hot!  Turn off all devices and enjoy with your friends or family.

It’s one of her favorites!



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