Fruits of Labor


In majority of the families that live in Romania, the older generation still lives in the country side, where as the younger, prefer the convenience of the city life.  Luckily for my husband’s family they have the luxury of having both.   We were lucky enough to arrive in Romania just in time to pick the season’s end of the fall harvest, at my father in law’s county home in Ghiorac, only a hour’s drive from the city.  It was a beautiful sight of dozens of plants still full of life to give.  We were able to harvest:  apples, green beans, carrots, green onions, grapes (for wine and to eat), walnuts, parsley, peppers (of many variety), just to name a few.  Leela absolutely loved it! She understood right away, anything we picked we could eat and she wanted to taste everything!! It was so awesome to taste fruit right from the limb/vine, knowing that we didn’t have to worry about scary pesticides, since Ioanchy only uses natural fertilizers and no pesticides.  My husband told me, it had become a fad for people to only by the “pretty fruit” from the farmer’s markets.  However, now people realize you want the fruits/vegetables that have been picked on by pests, since that means no pesticides were used vs no markings would mean the pests would not eat it, if it had been treated…A good note to think about.   Eat the ugly fruit!!


Each season the crops are rotated so that the soil is rich with nutrients from the previous harvest.  This is where big agriculture has been getting it wrong in order to produce food on a large scale, growing the same crops on the same fields.  But is it worth it if the food we believe to be nourishing our bodies with doesnt really provide any nourishment at all??  Then adding in the herbicides and pesticides along with it, no wonder cancer is on the rise, so people who try to eat right and by physcially active are still getting cancer.  This is why it is so important to know where your food is coming from and to buy local as much as possible to keep sustainability alive!  You can even try small and grow a few of your own plants, it can be fun for the whole family.


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