Exercise=Food for the mind, body and soul

I have always been into some type of sport, pretty much my whole life but after having a kid it makes a bit more challenging. There is always something “more important” to take care of or your just plain exhausted to get up off the coach.  But after realizing how much better I felt just by taking the little one for a walk to the park, I knew it was something I needed in my life for me to  keep my sanity! Any type of exercise is good for you, wether you walk, run, lift weights, do yoga, play a sport, remember your doing yourself and those around you a favor 😉


First blog

Hello out there!!!

My name is Lauren Vardai a Registered Dietitian, practicing private nutrition consulting in the region of Northwest Florida.  I am passionate about intuitive/mindful eating and nutrition, family meals, disease prevention and rehabilitation through food, along with support/promotion of breastfeeding, I have a 22 month old myself whom I am still breastfeeding and plan on it until she deems necessary.  I consider myself a foodie, as I love all types of food and wine parings, trying new/exotic foods, I would love to be a food critic but they get bad raps, I just love food and sharing it with others.  I truly believe that “Food should be thy medicine and medicine thy food”.


I invite you to explore my website and find out more about me and my services.  Check back here weekly for more nutrition fun about recipes, local restaurant critiques, fad diets, nutritional tips for all ages/stages and more!!